We are dedicated to bring your routines to life. With our extensive knowledge in the industry, we know that music is an important aspect of the routine. We are proud to be one of the cheapest music companies out there and still maintain high quality mixes. Each one of our mixes is custom made toward each of your routines—better yet it is USA Cheer Approved. This means that you can compete at any event held in the USA registered under the USASF and USA Cheer. 

For every mix produced, we will provide a music license to the organization to present to the event producer. This is to show that the music provided is completely licensed and can be played in public with spectators. 

So get ready for your music, set your routine, and Cheer! 


This year we are working with Extreme Music! This record label will help make your mix explosive and different, not the same top 40 over and over again when each team hits the mat. They have an extensive library of over 80, 000 songs!







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*Samples are available upon request. 


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Donate $50 or more to any of the selected charities and receive 1 free edit for 1 of your teams. 100% of proceeds will go directly to these charities. 


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